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Buick Concours Judging Buick Experimental Engines Buick Experimental Turbo Engines Buick Desktop Image for your pc Test your Buick IQ Who was David Buick? Bulgari Makes Fine Watches! He is also a Buick owner! Factory GS Production Numbers 1968-9 Skylark/GS buyer's guide 1970-2 Skylark/GS buyer's guide

70 GSX Going Into The Crusher

GSX Prototype Pictures

Buicks in the "Rough"


Here are some Buick "projects" that members have found and saved some from extinction. Check 'em out More cars to be featured here. If you have a car or car(s) to be listed here, please send info and pics to George




Buick Restorations


70 GS455 Body-Off Restoration

71 GS455 Body-Off Restoration

70 GS455 Body-Off Restoration

70 GS455 Convertible Body-Off Restoration




Buick Documentation


New Buick Order Forms Original 69 Special Deluxe and Sportwagon Order Form Original Buick Documentation for 69 Stage1 Engine Option Order original Buick Documentation from Sloan Museum What's a Production Order Body-Final(gas tank sheet) look like? What's a 1972 New Car Order Form? What's a Build Sheet look like and where do I find it? A nice original 1972 Skylark Custom Window Sticker

Buick Humor


10 Buick Commandments Is that a Noodle Strainer on Your Carb? Junkyard Terms and what they mean You might own a Buick if . . . You might be a Buick nut if . . . You might drive a Buick if . . . You might be a racer if . . .





New Buick Reproduction Parts & Services Page





65-72 Skylark/GS Tech



Engine, Transmission & Rear Axle


1972 GS455 A.I.R Brackets


Buick Quadrajet Tuning Dyno Results


Buick ProStock Racing Engine from 1970


Buick TH350 vs TH400 Torque Converter Covers Comparison


Buick Skylark/GS 3 Speed Manual Transmission


In Car Valve Spring Change


Buick 455 Stage 2 Program


Buick 455 Timing Cover Oil Modifications


Buick 455 Cam Bearing Failure


Buick 455 Nodular Crank and How to Mark Rods for Engine Rebuilding


Where to find Buick 455 Engine Codes and VIN


Buick 455 Pulley and AC/Alt Bracket Descriptions


More Buick 455 AC Bracket Information


Buick Water Pumps Explained


Buick Switch Pitch Transmissions Explained


How to verify/ID a Factory Stage1 GS


Transmission Cross Members Comparison


Cruise Control and Choke Modifications for Edelbrock Performer


How to Repair 8.2" Posi Rears


Factory Buick Pistons


Problems with High Lift Cams in Buick Engines


Spark Plug Selection and Tips


How to install headers on a Buick 350


455, Stage 1 and Stage 2 head comparisons


How to determine Pinion Angle


350 and 455 Performance Engine Build-ups


Factory Buick 455 w/4 bolt mains


Buick Big Block ID Guide and Gasket Applications


Converting from a 350/TH350 to a 455/TH400


Why install an 8.5" rear axle in your 1965-70 A-body?


How to find and remove 8.5" posi units


How to Degree a Camshaft


Buick 455 Oil Passage Modifications/Enlargement


How to Install A Rear Oil Pressure Gage


Buick Oil Pump Wear


Strengthening 400-430-455 Lifter Valley


Rear Axle Tips and Decoding


455 head numbers and descriptions


Installing a 200-4R trans


What's a Switch Pitch Transmission?


Buick running hot?


Fan Clutch Information


Change rear gears, change speedo gears



Suspension, Handling & Braking

GS455 and Stage1 Rear Bump Stops Steering Box Rebuild Manual Brake Input Rod Differences New Suspension Springs Specs New Aftermarket Rear Disc Brake Set-up Installing a 1984-88 Monte Carlo SS Steering Box What's needed to change to disc brakes Convert Rear Drum Brakes to Disc Brakes Looking for Aluminum Rear Drums? Installing a 1.25" front sway bar Finding a Manual Steering Gear Box




Intermediate Steering Shaft Seal Replacement 1970 vs 1971-2 Skylark Tail Light Housings Comparison 1970 GS and Skylark Hood Lip Trim Comparison Bucket vs Bench Seat Pedestal Differences 70 vs 71-2 Speedometer Differences Power Bucket Seatback Releases 1970 vs 71-2 Glove Box Door Differences Rear Shoulder Belts Rear Axle Detailing How to Install a Headliner Power Seat Differences How to Remove a Back Seat New 71 GS Grill Mounting Problems How to Modify a 69 GS400 Fan Shroud to Fit a 70 GS455 Frame Numbers and Locations Reproduction Tach Modifications How To Fix Broken Body Mounts How To Install Sport Mirrors on 70-2 Skylarks How To Convert a Buick 8-track to AM/FM/CD How To Identify Buick Shorty Consoles How To Identify Buick Skylark Sport Mirrors How To Replace a Trunk Floor/Pan 4 Speed vs Auto Floor Shift Column Comparison 71 vs 72 AC Idle Solenoid Differences 70 vs 71-2 Fenderwell Differences GSX Rear Spoiler Differences Buick 455 Throttle Cable Bracket Differences Buick Radio Label Decoding Stock 350-2bbl, 350-4bbl and 455-4bbl Throttle Cable Comparison Stock 350-4bbl vs 455-4bbl Air Cleaner Comparison Hood Latch Support Comparison, 70 vs 71-2 1970-2 Front Fender Stainless Trim Differences How to Install GS Rocker Panel Covers How to Remove Glove Box Lock Heat Stove Riser 350 vs 455 70-2 Core Support Numbers Fixing Worn Door Hinges How to Install 1970-2 Stainless Trunk Trim Water Dripping on Your Feet? Cowl Leaks? Tilt Steering Column Wobble/Loose? NOS Parts??? The Agony Continues Buick Power Steering Brackets and Pumps 1970-2 GSX Striping Buick 455 Steering Intermediate Shaft New Carpet Installation Tip Understanding Assembly Manuals Good vs Bad 70-2 Skylark/GS Front Fenders 65-72 Buick GS/Skylark Bucket Seat Interchange Pristine Restorations How to Install Power Windows How to Remove 1970-2 Instrument Clusters How to Locate GS, 455 and Stage1 Fender Emblems How to Identify Buick Distributors How to Recover Bucket Seats Reasons NOT to install a rubber trunk mat or sound deadener How to Remove and Install a Heater Core How to Install a Rear Spoiler How to Install New Door Panels How to Install Buckets and Console How to Remove Front and Rear Windshields How to Install New Rear Quarter Panels How to Identify a WG Buick 15" Rallye wheel How to modify a 1973-77 Regal/Century console to fit a 70-2 Skylark How to Pull a Body Off a Frame Helpful identification pictures Big Block Buick Exhaust Manifold Comparison 1969 vs 1970 and 1970 vs 1971-2 455 Fan Shroud Comparisons How to Modify 1965-7 AC Firewall Box for Valve Cover Removal 70-2 Buick rallye gage installation Weight Watchers for your Skylark/GS Refinishing Buick Rallye Wheels Changing from R12 to R134 refrigerant Remote Solenoid Installation Alternator Upgrade Rochester Quadrajet decoding and problems Carter Carb Info Helpful Buick Tips Installing Power Door Locks Installing a Power Trunk Release




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