65-72 Buick GS/Skylark Bucket Seat Interchange

by Duane Heckman


Many guys prefer the bucket seat/center console look and decide to change their bench seat cars over to this style. In their search for bucket seats I am often asked what year/type seats are interchangeable, so I decided to write this article to help answer some of these questions.
All 64-72 GM A-bodies, as well as some others, used Strato Bucket Seats, but there were many changes with frames and cushions during that time.

Below is a list of the major frame/seat trim panel differences.

64-65	These frames are low and square, the seat backs are non-locking
      and use no trim panels.

66	These frames are taller and more rounded, the seat backs are non-locking
   and use metal trim panels.

67	These frames are like the 66’s, but the seat backs now have a locking 
   system with a release button on the side, they also use metal trim panels.

68	These frames are like the 67’s, they also have a side mounted release 
   button, but the trim panels are now plastic.

69-72	These frames resemble the 66-68’s but are different, they have a
   center mounted seat back release button, and the trim panels are plastic.
   They also come standard with headrests.

To understand the differences in seat cushions, you first need to know how seat covers are attached to the seats. Most seat covers use pieces of material, known as “listing” to do the job. This listing consists of a strip of material, with either a cord or wire sewn into it. The listing is then sewn onto the seat covers, usually around the inserts and at the outer edges of the covers. The seat covers are installed by clamping the listing (with hog-rings), through slots in the seat cushions, to wires that are attached to the seat springs. Then, the outer edges of the covers are clamped to the frame. (See attached drawing.) The listing pulls the seat covers down along their entire length, giving them a 3-dimensional look. Many A-bodies have different seat cover designs, and as they change so does the placement/arrangement of the listing channels. This “movement” of listing channels, and the resultant 3-D effects they create, are what causes the differences in seat cushions.

Below is a list of seats that will interchange with Buick GS/Skylark seats. I hope this helps.

1970 Buick GS/Skylark Front Seat Top Construction