How to Remove a Buick Glove Box Lock

by George Nenadovich

Here is the back side of the glove box lock. In order to remove the glove box lock from the door, open the door and then close the catch indicated by right arrow (shows the open position) to the closed position. Use a small metal scriber or finishing nail or brad nail to depress the lock cylinder tangs one at a time. Depress one with your right hand using a scriber and gently pull on the lock cylinder with your left hand.

Arrow indicates lock cylinder tang. There are 5 of them. You have to repeat the above

mentioned proces for each tang in order to get the cylinder out.

With the cylinder out, you will need to remove the latch nut.

Here is a close-up of the nut. Notice it has 8 sides not 6.

Sometimes you can use a 1/2" Allen wrench to remove the nut. The wrench has 6 sides and barely fits in the nut. Do NOT use excessive force to remove the nut. If you can rotate it easily. You need to stop and get the tool below.

This is a "sprinkler/pvc" pipe tool available at Home Depot. It has a tapered end similar to a reamer. This is made from cast aluminum and will not damage the nut provided you do not use too much force to remove the nut.

Here is the latch removed from the glove box door. Notice the small tab indicated by the arrow. This locates the latch in the door.

Here is the notch for the tab to slide into.

Most of the time the plastic washer on the left is missing. It is not really needed

to reassemble the lock set-up.


To install the lock, reverse the process and gently tighten the nut in the latch. Make sure the latch is in the closed position when you slide the lock cylinder into the latch.