Intermediate Steering Shaft Seal Replacement

by George Nenadovich


Here is an intermediate shaft with the snap ring already removed...use a screwdriver to depress the "ears" and the ring will come out.




Here is the end just removed from the upper coupler....notice the small guide clip.



Here is the clip removed along with the end caps.



Use a punch to remove the cross not hammer on the pin as the end will "mushroom" and damage the pin.




Here is the spring clip that holds the rubber boot to the shaft...use two flat blade screwdrivers to slightly open up the clip after you remove the cross pin and it will easily slide over the shaft end cap.




This(red arrow) is the shaft end cap....once you get the clip over this, the rubber boot will easily slip off.



Here is the rubber seal removed.......when install a new one, use a little bit of oil or grease on the end cap so the new seal will slide on easily.

New seals are available from most GM A-body suppliers for approx $25.