How to Fix Broken Body Mounts

by George Nenadovich


Here is a picture showing the rear most body mount. It is a captured nut and is semi-floating.


Here is the same body mount as viewed from the rear....bumper is removed. If this mount is spinning free, use a die grinder to cut a "window" as shown by the black line. The opening will allow you to grab the free-spinning nut with locking pliers so you can remove the body bolt from this location. Next, fabricate a new nut cage and weld in. Move the "window" metal back to the original position and weld the seam closed. Use a 4" grinder to smooth the weld.


Here is the 3 body mount from the rear....there are 5 per side for Skylark models. This mount is approximately above the middle of the door sill. It is a small raised area.


Here is the raised area shown with a black circle. If this bolt appears difficult to remove, do not force it. Drill a small hole, approx 1/8" diameter and spray some penetrating oil on the bolt threads. Attempt to remove the bolt after the oil has had some time to work.

This is the second body mount from the back. It is just behind the rear wheel well in the trunk. This nut was spinning free due to the capture cage breaking loose when the bolt was being unscrewed. I had to cut open the trunk floor to access the nut and hold it in place while my assistant removed the bolt from below. The opening is sloppy since the trunk pan on this car is going to be replaced.

Here is the driver's side second from rear body mount. Notice the small hole at the top of the dome....used to spray penetrating oil on the bolt threads.


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