Buick ProStock SetUp

by George Nenadovich



Close-up of exhaust ports for the pro-stock heads....only 2 sets were made and one set made it to Tony Branson from NC who raced a 69 GS in pro-stock class...the second set was scrapped at Buick. Denny Manner, Senior Buick Engine Development Engineer, discussed this set-up at the 6th annual Buick Performance Group meet in Columbus OH on Aug 1, 2009. These heads are different than Stage 2 heads from 1972.



Notice casting number 19735, this indicated a non-production head. Production heads have six digit casting number.


Custom fabricated intake by Tony Branson


Notice locating boss in 4 bolt main cap.


Custom headers for special heads.


"X" welded on 4 bolt main block to indicate experimental block.