GSX Going Into The Crusher

by George Nenadovich


Picture taken in 1975! Notice 4 speed handle!


I originally got this set of pics approximately in 2003-2004....I had no info on the car, the owner or what happened.

In March 2014, I get an email from the owner and some additional info and pics he below.

Additional pics and info by Mike Smith


The car belonged to me. Talk about a bad day.... One of my friends kept begging me to let him drive it, and in a weak moment I did. Huge mistake. He powered it into 2nd gear and it got away from him. The rear end came around to the left, off the side of the road, and into a tree. Almost killed us both. His head hit the tree, and the Dr said he wouldn"t live the night, but he is alive and well. He didn"t wake up for almost 3 weeks. Everyone said I should have finished him off before he woke up, Crazy. There was another one in the area and I bought it as soon as I got out of the hospital. (8 broken ribs and 50+ stitches) I bought the crashed car from the insurance co. (25% of what they paid me) and took off everything that was good. I still have a few pieces, but over the years I sold most of the parts. Everyone thought I had the crashed car repaired, but it was almost a boom-a-rang. By todays standards, it could have been repaired. But not then. Actually it went through a shredder. It didn't have a mark on it until that day. What a ride that was!


The car was crashed in 1975 (early April I believe). I bought the one I have now less than 2 weeks later. How lucky is that? I am about 30 minutes east of Cleveland Ohio. (North Ridgeville...The owner of the one I have now lives in Westlatke which is the next city over) I had sent the pics to someone that passed them on to you. I've been meaning to send them for a long time but just didn't get around to it. Pictures were taken with a Kodak instamatic. It was a couple of years before I saw them on your site. that was a suprise. I'm sending a copy of the new car pre-delivery sheet that documents where it was originally bought(shown below.) The name at the top (Loggans) was the first owner. My name is Mike Smith which is a real name. I paid $1995 for the first one and $2650 for the second. Crazy huh????


The GSX I have now (yes I still have it) was originally an automatic. I used the 4 speed and all the parts in it and kept all the pieces in case I ever wanted to change it back. Not much chance of that. If we knew then what we know now, I would have never sold any other parts.