Power Bucket Seat Back Releases

by George Nenadovich




Picture showing factory grommets and wiring for power bucket seat back releases.......easy to spot once

the seat backs are pulled forward.....most commonly found on 69-72 Grand Prix models, 69-70 Eldorado, 69-70 Toronado and some

69-72 Cutlass/442/Hurst, Skylark/GS, LeMans/GTO models. Car must have power door locks.....black wire from the solenoid release connects to factory power

door lock wiring harness. When the PDL switch is activated, the solenoids unlock the seat backs so you do not have to use the rear center release button.




Here is the solenoid and black wire connection.



Here is a standard release mechanism....red arrow indicates the area where the solenoid set-up has extra linkage to activate this metal tab.



Here is the standard set-up....you can not just add the solenoid to this version....the power set-up is completely different.




Notice this set-up has no plastic cover and additional linkage at the top to activate the release.

They are a direct swap for non-power release set-ups.



Here is a pair of release set-ups from a 70 Grand Prix.....there is no difference between left and right, both are the same.