1970 GS and Skylark Hood Lip Trim Comparison

by George Nenadovich


Here are two hood lip trims for 1970 Skylark and GS models.....notice the top one has a much wider bottom edge.

The bottom measures 1.5" for the GS hood trim and 1" for the Skylark trim...both will interchange but the wider version was only found on GS models.



Here is a close-up of the ends(70 GS is on top)....both trims have the same problem.....excessive blistering...these items are very expensive to fix/rechrome because each blister/pit has to be ground out, filled with copper, polished and then rechromed.....expect to pay $200-400 to have one in this condition rechromed to perfection.

Here is the other side.....notice Skylark trim is missing the mounting stud and the GS trim has the stud worn down/eroded so the nut will not work....most of the time you have to lightly sand the stud back to a round shaft and use a smaller ID nut to make new threads on the worn stud.