GS, 455 and Stage1 Emblem Locations

by Dave Knutsen

Here is the completed installation.

These are the two different versions of the same Stage1 emblem.

The lower emblem is an original 70 - 72 Stage 1 emblem, the upper one is for the 73 & 74 cars. You can see the differences in the peg location. You can also see the locating pin location is different, Its larger on the early version and placed in line with the two pegs more in the center of the emblem. Whereas the later version locating pin is on the lower edge of the emblem.


The measurements for the Stage 1 emblem on the fender are:
Measuring from the edge of the "1" to the edge of the fender aft, is 4 7/8". Measuring from the center of the horizontal line that bisects the wheel opening to the bottom edge of the emblem is 3/4". The 70 - 72 emblems have the wide spaced pegs while the 73 & 74 emblems have the narrower spaced pegs (as shown above). The appearance is exactly the same for all 4 years however. The ones that are available from the vendors are usually the later versions, 1973-4.

Locating GS Emblems on Fenders and Trunk

by George Nenadovich

Here are some templates I made of the GS emblems and Stage1 emblem. I used paperboard (found as the backer behind a paper pad) to make a template for each emblem. This way you can lay out the templates on the fender and trunk lid and use a center punch to locate the drill holes.


For the trunk lid, the GS emblem is 1.5" from the bottom edge. The center of the GS is 4" from the right edge. I use 3/4" masking tape to make a straight line so the upper edge of the masking tape is 1.5" from the bottom of the trunk lip. You can see the center mark for the template. Measure the 4" and make a mark on the tape. Line up the two marks and mark the holes with a center punch.


For the fenders, lay 3/4" tape so the bottom edge rests on the body line that runs from the wheel opening to the door. Now you can rest the Stage1 template on the tape upper edge. If you measure the width of STAGE you will find it is 5" long.(5" is the width of the STAGE and not of the entire emblem which is 6 1/8" wide.) So, measure from the left side of the template 2.5" and this will be the middle of STAGE. It is hard to see in the pic but I have marked a pencil line noting the center mark. Measure from the fender edge (closest to the door) 8.5" forward and make a mark on the tape indicated by arrows above. Now, line up the mark on the tape with the pencil mark on the template. Use a punch to mark the holes in the template. Lay another piece of 3/4" masking tape above the Stage1 template that will be parallel to the previous tape. The GS emblem will be centered above the STAGE. Once again, I measured the GS emblem template and noted the center with a pencil mark. Line the template center line with the one from the lower tape, 8.5" and mark the holes. Repeat the same process for the other fender.

For the Stage1 holes, the outer two are 1/4" and middle locating hole is 3/16.

For the GS emblem, use a 3/16" drill bit.

I like to use a counter sink bit in a tap handle to chamfer the holes for the emblems. This promotes better paint adhesion and also prevent the paint from chipping/cracking if the edges were left sharp.

When I install the emblems, I like to use some window butyl seal to seal the holes so water does not rust the hole edges. You can also paint the newly drilled holes. For the trunk emblem, you can not get nuts on the emblem pins so the butyl not only seals out water but also adheres the emblem to the trunk lid.

Here are the complete emblem installations:

With the 455 emblem, you can see it is center below the GS emblem. This is an original fender from a 70 GS455. The distance between the bottom of the GS emblem and the top of the 455 emblem is 1/2"

The bottom of the 455 emblem is 3/4" above the fender mid-line, just like the Stage1 emblem.

Locating GS Emblems on Door Panels

by George Nenadovich


Here is a 70 GS with the long armrest bases. Notice GS emblem is centered above armrest.


Using a scriber as pictured can easily punch/make two holes in the door

panel for the emblems. Do not make the holes too large. With a snug fit, the emblems will stay in place without any nuts/retainers on the pins.

GS emblem is 16 inches as measured from the rear of the door edge.


Center of GS emblem is approximately 1.75 inches from the bottom horizontal vinyl strip.