Frame Numbers and Locations

by George Nenadovich


Here is a frame number that matches the last six digits of the VIN tag. Numbers read 1H145308 which means this matches the 71 GS455 car which has this frame. Black lines are drawn by me for reference purposes.


Here is a factory stamping mistake by a line worker. The numbers between the black lines in this picture were incorrect. Some numbers were transposed so the worker stamped Xs on the incorrect information and stamped the correct number to the right of the incorrect number.


This is the serial number location for this car. The body mount hole in the frame is directly below the center of the driver's door. If the body is on the frame, you will need to use a small mirror and flash light to read this number from below. Also, the numbers will be upside down when viewed from between the frame rails.


Here is the driver's side rear frame rail. Black arrow points to frame part number and date of manufacture. White arrow points to rear bumper bolt slot.



Here is a close-up of the frame stamping. Manufacturer is Hayes with

a part number 1237139. Date of manufacture is 8 21 70 1, this translates to

August 21, 1970 first shift.