70 vs 71-2 Skylark Tail Light Housings Comparison

by George Nenadovich


Top housing is for 1970, bottom for 71-2. Red arrows indicate mounting points for 71-2 lenses which are absent on the 1970 version. Also, yellow arrows show missing contours to allow for center mounting points. The 71-2 versions can be used for 1970 lenses.



Close-up of reverse light area showing center mounting point for 71-2 lenses and missing contour raised area.



Another center mounting point for 71-2 lenses and missing on 1970 tail light housings.



Reverse side showing 1970 version on top and 71-2 on bottom. Lower yellow arrows showing mounting screws, 1/4" hex head, for the wiring harness in correct position for the 71-2 lenses....for 1970, the holes in the center would be used since the taillight screws would use the lower holes for the 70 lenses.




Two pictures showing the mounting points for the lenses....red arrow shows mounting point for the wire harness for the 1970. Lower pic shows mounting point for the harness for 1971-2.



Both housings show GUIDE 43, SAE STIAR 70, MADE IN USA, for 1970 and 71-2 versions.