How To Install Sport Mirrors

by George Nenadovich


Here is the pass. side door with holes for the sport mirror. The holes are a "mirror" image of the ones found on the driver's door. Holes are approx 2" apart.


The distance between the arrows is about 1.5". The masking tape is used here

to show the upper door fold/body line to use as a reference line.


Here is a dimension of 7.125" as shown on the masking tape. This was taken from the chrome mirror on the driver's side. I compared this dimension to several other A-body cars I own and notice this dimension only appears correct for early 70 models. The dimension for 71-2 models is another inch towards the rear....8.125". You can measure from the leading edge on the driver's door and do the same for the passenger door. The dimension shown can range from 7 to 7.125" for 70 models and 8 to 8.125" for 71-2 models.


Here is the driver's door. The white arrows indicate the mounting holes for the mirror bracket. The black arrow indicates the hole for the mounting tab found on the chrome mirror base gasket. Sport mirrors will not have that tab. Large hole is for remote control cables to slide into the door and then connect to the back of the remote located on the door panel. All holes were covered on this early 70 Skylark conv when the sport mirror base gasket was installed.


This shows the mirror gasket with the thin edge facing outside.


This shows the thick edge facing the door glass. If you place the thick edge on the other side the mirror head will be tilted inwards/towards the door glass.


Here is the interior finishing trim piece and the retaining plate. Make a hole the same size at the oval in the retaining plate in your door panel. Carefully bend the tabs straight and insert the retaining plate from the back of the door panel. Gently bend the tabs over the door panel to hold the retaining plate to the door panel. When installed the tabs should be facing the driver. Use a small scriber to punch/make two holes for the screws to pass through the door panel backerboard.

Here is the back of the finishing piece with the "U-clip". Remove the clip and install the mirror controller through the finishing plate and then install the clip. Next, mount the finishing piece to the retaining plate using two Phillips head screws.

Here is the metal tab/guide to hold the mirror control cable away from the window mechanism.


The red arrow indicates the opening where the interior controller will be located.


Here is the complete installation of the interior controller. The center of the controller is located 19 1/2 inches from the bottom of the door and 35 inches from the rear of the door.




Note: If you are not a purist, you can use the 70-81 Camaro/Firebird (F-body) sport mirrors on your 70-2 Skylark. The passenger side mirrors on some 75 and all 76-81 mirrors will have the words "OBJECTS IN MIRROR ARE CLOSER THAN THEY APPEAR" etched on the surface. When using the F-body mirrors, you will have the thick side gasket on the outer side. The F-body mirrors are much more common and much cheaper than the original 70-2 Skylark mirrors.