by Duane Heckman


The GSCA "Concours" class is basically a restored class that is judged under a 400-point system. This system is an updated version of the BCA rules and was developed to create some level of consistency between the GSCA (Gran Sport Club of America) and the BCA (Buick Club of America). Cars in this class are judged against a standard, not against each other. Each car starts out with 400 points and as defects are noted, points are deducted. The number of points a car receives determines the type of award given. There are 3 different awards: Gold 385-400 points, Silver 370-384 points, and Bronze 355-389 points. If a car gets less then 355 points, no award is given. If there are seven cars in the class and all have over 385 points then all would receive a gold trophy.

Currently when we judge the Concours class we look for fit, finish, and correctness of parts. We do not take points off for reproduction parts as long as they mimic the original parts they are made to replace. We do not generally look for part numbers, other then some obvious things. We will check that a 70 car has a 70 appearing engine, but not that it is numbers matching. Here is an example. If a 70 GS 455 (Model # 44637) is in Concours and has a 350 in it, that would be a deduction. If it has the wrong 70 455 in it, that would be fine. If the same car has heads with a 72 cast into them, that would be a deduction.

Another thing we don't look for are date coded parts. The only time we look at date codes at all is to verify that a car “Exhibited” as a GSX was actually built within the correct time period. We also check the VIN and Body #’s to verify the various GS models.

An important thing to remember is we have 10-15 minutes to judge each car, and we do not look at them as if we are going to buy them.

After the show I send a copy of the judging sheet to each owner so he/she can see where the deductions were made. This gives them the option to improve their cars for the next show.

If you want a copy of the Judging handbook it is available to everyone on my website, ( If you have any questions regarding judging, you can e-mail me at or call me at (610)-544-6776 evenings or weekends. I hope this helps answer some questions about the Concours class.