You Might Be a Racer If

from the MGNTA News

1. You've paid $6 a gallon for gas without complaining.

2. You've been known to yell "It means check your mirrors retard!"
   at the television or another driver.

3. You think the last line of the Star Spangled Banner is "Racers, 
   start your engines."

4. You planned your wedding around the racing seasons.

5. You registered for wedding gifts at Summit and Jegs.

6. You refer to the corner down the street as "Turn One."

7. You know the quarter mile time for your riding lawn mower.

8. You know the "racing line" for every turn on your daily commute 
   including all alternate routes and practice hitting them daily.

9. No tire dealer in town will honor their tread wear warranty on any
   car that you've been seen near.

10. You quote your street tire life in months rather than miles.

11. Even if you don't have ABS, you never lock your brakes unless you ]
    "really wanted to do that."

12. You've started looking for sponsors for your daily commute as well
    as your weekend hobby!