Test Your Buick IQ

by George Nenadovich and fellow members

Quiz 1

1. What is the wrench size to remove the brake line on the rear axle
 of a 1970 GSX produced in Canada?
 A) 7/8" B) 15/16" C) 10mm D) 5/8" E) none of these

2. What is the oil capacity in quarts of a Buick 350?
 A) 6 B) 3 or 4 C) depends what oil you buy D) 5

3. Starting in the late 60s what was the only carb Buick used?
 A) Holley B) Rochester C) Carter D) Edelbrock
4. Buick 455 weighs approx. 60 lbs more than a small block Chevy?
 True or False

5. SFI stands for:
 A) some future idea B) speed,fun, inexpensive C) sequential fuel injection

6. Which car was not available in 1970?
 A) GS455 B) GS 350 convertible C) Electra D) Riviera

7. In what year were the fewest GSX cars produced?
 A) 1970 B) 1971 C) 1972 D) 1902

8. What does WD stand for in WD-40?
9. What does this number mean 1 843 6572?

10. What year was the GS first offered?
 A)1963 B)1964 C)1965 D)1966

Quiz 2

1. What year were the most GS convertibles produced?
 A) 1966 B) 1968 C) 1970 D) 1972

2. What size tires came standard on the 1970 GSX?
 A) F70x14 B) G60x15 C) 7.75x14 D) 275R60x15

3. What was the first year for steering column ignition?
 A) 1965 B) 1967 C) 1969 D) 1971

4. What was the last year for vent windows on GS convertibles?
 A) 1966 B) 1967 C) 1968 D) 1969
5. What is the bolt circle diameter on Skylarks?
 A) 4" B) 4.5" C) 4.75" D) 5"

6. What is the wheelbase length for a 1967 GS 400?
 A) 99" B) 110" C) 112" D) 115"

7. What was the smallest available engine in a rear wheel drive GS?
 A) 231 B) 340 C) 350 D) 455

8. What year was the GS option availble on a Wildcat?
 A) 1965 B) 1966 C) 1967 D) All of the above

9. What material was the 215" Buick engine block?
 A) aluminum B) iron C) titanium D) none of these

10. What was the horsepower rating of the 1965 GS 401?
 A) 275 B) 295 C) 310 D) 325

Quiz 3

1. Decals on air cleaner lids on 1960s Buicks indicated Wildcat 445 or 465.
 These numbers represent: A) displacement B)horsepower C)torque

2. In the 1960s another GM division used a similar name to Gran Sport which
 was Grand Sport. Which GM division was it?
 A)Pontiac B)Oldsmobile C)Chevrolet

3. On 1971-2 Skylark/GS convertibles which option was not factory available? 
 A)cruise control B)rear speakers C)bucket seats D)disc brakes

4. In 1972 Buick engines could be identified by the fifth VIN character.
 The GS455 was identified by U. The Stage 1 by:
 A) S B) G C) V D) T

5. In 1970, the GSX was availble in two colors, Saturn Yellow and Apollo White.
 In 1971 it was available in how many colors?
 A)2 B)10 C)all D)6

6. The Buick 455 produced 510 ft-lbs of torque @ 2600 rpm. Only one other
 GM division engine created more torque. Which one was it?
 A)Oldsmobile B)Pontiac C)Chevrolet D) Cadillac

7. The Buick sport steering wheel commonly found in 1968-75 Gran Sports is
 the same as the ones found in:
 A)Oldsmobiles B)Pontiacs C)Chevrolets D)Cadillacs

8. The 1970-2 Skylark trunk lid is the same as 1970-2:
 A)Monte Carlo B)Cutlass C)Chevelle D)both a and c
9. The 1970 Skylark GS hood front chrome edge piece is a GS only piece.
 A)True B)False

10. All Stage 1 Skylark Gran Sports came from the factory with 12 bolt
 positraction rear axles. A)True B)False

Quiz 4

1. What years were the dual carbs available on Rivieras?
 A)70-1 B)67-8 C)64-6 D)55-6

2. What year did David Buick organize the Buick Motor Company?
 A)1878 B)1900 C)1903 D)1907

3. Who was the famous Lennie "Pop" Kennedy?
 A)JFK's dad who drove Buicks B)Lennie&Vinniy's pizza restaurant
 C)1961 NHRA national winner/co-owner of Kenne-Bell D)designed Buick engines

4. What Skylark had broad red rally stripes and hood scoops?
 A)1976 Free Spirit B)1972 GSX 350 C)1967 GS340 D)1970 GSX

5. 1969 was the first year for the 455 Stage 1.
 A)True B)False

6. 1970 Stage 1 head castings numbers are the same as non-Stage 1 heads.
 A)True B)False

7. What noticeable difference does a Stage 2 factory cam have?
 A)taller lobes B)Stage stamped on front 
 C)yellow dabs of paint on last journal D)2 grooves on first cam journal

8. In 1975 Buick introduced the 231 V6 even fire engine.
 A)True B)False

9. How many times did a Buick pace the Indy 500?
 A)4 B)5 C)7 D)8

10. The number 165,432 is:
 A)1973 Stage 1 head casting numbers
 B)curb weight of 1959 Roadmaster
 C)Amount of GSCA members
 D)Amount parts in a Buick engine
 E)None of the above

Quiz 5

1. The 1968-79 Buick 350 engine family did not come in any other displacement.
 True or False

2. The difference in displacement among the 400-430-455 is accomplished
 by different stroke lengths. True or False

3. Big block Buick engines changed from oiling through rockershafts to
 oiling through the pushrods for model year: A)1969 B)1970 C)1971

4. What year was the first year Gran Sport model changed to GS?
 A)1966 B)1967 C)1968

5. What color is the interior of a 1970 GSX?
 A)White B)Black C)Depends what the buyer ordered

6. What was the first year for the GS350 convertible?
 A)1968 B)1969 C)1970

7. Which of these were not available as part of the dealer installed
 Stage 2 parts progam?
 A)Edelbrock intake B)Holley carb C)11:1 pistons D)HEI ignition

8. Posi-traction was part of the Stage 1 package.
 True or False

Quiz 6

1. The 1965-6 GS coupe has a convertible (boxed) frame. True or False

2. In what year did Buick drop Skylark Gran Sport and call the car GS?
 A)1966 B)1967 C)1968 D)1969

3. Aluminum front drums were introduced in:
 A)1966 B)1967 C)1968 D)1969

4. Disc brakes for the GS were introduced in:
 A)1966 B)1967 C)1968 D)1969

5. Side marker lights appeared in:
 A)1967 B)1968 C)1969 D)1970

6. Two speed electric windshield wipers became standard in the GS in:
 A)1964 B)1965 C)1966 D)1967

7. A functional ram-air system debuted in:
 A)1967 B)1968 C)1969 D)1970

8. The GSX was not offered in:
 A)1973 B)1974 C)1975 D)a and c

9. The last year for the GSX was:
 A)1972 B)1973 C)1974 D)1975

10. The Gran Sport name debuted in 1965 and ended in ? before 
 reappearing in the 1980s.
 A)1973 B)1974 C)1975 D)1976

11. The largest Buick engine is 455" and not any larger because:
 A)engineering expense B)fuel economy C)GM policy D)chassis limits

Quiz 7

1. In 1966, the GS option was available on how many models?
 A)1 B)2 C)3 D)4

On a tire, P245/60R15 is molded on the sidewall. Use this info 
for this question and the next two.

2. P stands for:
 A)Performance B)Passenger C)Speed Rating C)Pneumatic

3. 245 means:
 A)tire diameter in mm B)tire width in mm C)tread wear rating
 D)traction rating

4. 60 means:
 A)speed rating B)sidewall height in mm C)ratio of sidewall height
 to tire width D)ratio of sidewall height to tire diameter

5. In 1971, the TH350 transmission was available with the GS455 & Stage 1.
 True or False
6. In 1971-2, the 4 speed consolette was available in GS convertibles.
 True or False

7. In 1971, how many Buick rim styles were available for the Skylark/GS.
 A)3 B)4 C)6 D)7

8. The front sway bar on the 1965-72 Skylark GS is:
 A)7/8" B)15/16" C)1" D)1 1/8"

9. The Skylark name disappeared after 1972 and reappeared in:
 A)1974 B)1975 C)1976 D)1977

10. The #1 cylinder is located on the driver's side front cylinder
 on all Buick engines. True or False

Quiz 8

1. The Skylark name first appeared in:
 A)1953 B)1961 C)1964 D)1962

2. In 1967, the Skylark GS used the Special grille.
 True or False

3. The Buick SunCoupe was only available in 1972. True or False

4. In 1973 the Century GS could be powered by a 350-2bbl engine.
 True or False

5. In 1965, the Riviera GS had two 4 bbl carbs. True or False

6. The 1970 GSX steering wheel is the same as the GS sport wheel.
 True or False

7. The GS hood first used a pop-up spring in:
 A)1969 B)1970 C)1971 D)1972

8. The GNX was first available in: A)1985 B)1986 C)1987

9. As octane numbers increase, the fuel burn rate: 
 A)increases B)decreases C)no change

10. As engine rpm increases, spark timing: 
 A)increases B)decreases C)no change

Quiz 9

1. In 1986, there was a low production figure of 117 of these sporty,
 all black, tight suspension cars to qualify for NASCAR.
 A)Regal GN B)LeSabre GN C)Riviera GN

2. In what year did Buick produce twice as many Riviera convertibles
 than hardtops and was also its introductory year?
 A)1946 B)1949 C)1950

3. The GSX prototype was made in 1969. True or False

4. In 1967 the Star Wars air cleaner was available on what cubic inch
 engine and what car? A)Riviera GS B)GS340 C)GS400 D)a and c
5. The experimental overdrive 5 speed manual transmission was offered
 on the dual quad 425 Wildcat GS? True or False

6. The 320 straight eight ended its career with 170hp in 1952
 True or False

7. In ________, thicker grille teeth were set wider apart on a GN and
 a Buick nameplate was offset to the left.
 A)1985 B)1986 C) 1987

8. On the Riviera, the commonly known phrase boattail was used for 
 what years: A)1949-51 B)1965-68 C)1990-93 D)none of the above

9. The TH400 transmission used on a 1970 Buick GS big block were coded
 BA or BB. True or False

10. Buick engines were/are used in Jeeps and Land Rovers.
 True or False

Quiz 10

1. Skylark vent windows disappeared after 1968.  True   False

2. Buick went to a closed gas tank veentillation system in:
   A) 1969   B) 1970   C) 1971   D) 1972

3. The Buick 455 was the largest engine Buick planned to produce.
    True   False

4. Buick had considered turbocharged engines in the 1960s.  True  False

5. What non-Buick engine appeared in 1968-72 Buick factory cars.
   A) Chevy    B) Olds    C)Pontiac   D) Cadillac

6. The original engine for the Shelby Cobra was going to be from Buick.
    True    False

7. Buick engines appeared in what other manufacturer's vehicles in the 1960s.
   A) Chevy    B) Jeep   C) Olds    D) Rover   E) b,c and d

8. The Buick rallye road wheel is similar to ones from:
   A) Olds   B)Pontiac    C) Cadillac  D) Chevy  E) a and d

9. What interior color was not available in 1970-2 Skylarks.
   A) blue   B)tan    C)red    D)green

10. The 1970-2 Skylark deck lid is the same as the 1970-2:
   A) Chevelle   B) Lemans  C) Cutlass   D) Monte Carlo   E)a&d

Answers for Quiz 1:
1)E  2)D  3)B  4)T  5)C  6)B  7)D  8)Water displacing  9)Firing order 10)C

Answers for Quiz 2:
1)B  2)B  3)C  4)C  5)C  6)D  7)A  8)B  9)A  10)D

Answers for Quiz 3:
1)C  2)C  3)C  4)C  5)D  6)D  7)C  8)D  9)A  10)B

Answers for Quiz 4:
1)C  2)C  3)C  4)C  5)B  6)A  7)D  8)B  9)B  10)E

Answers for Quiz 5:
1)T  2)F  3)A  4)A  5)B  6)C  7)D  8)F

Answers for Quiz 6:
1)T  2)B  3)B  4)B  5)B  6)C  7)C  8)D  9)C  10)C  11)C

Answers for Quiz 7:
1)C  2)B  3)B  4)C  5)F  6)F  7)D  8)B  9)B  10)F

Answers for Quiz 8:
1)A  2)T  3)F  4)T  5)T  6)F  7)C  8)D  9)B  10)A

Answers for Quiz 9:
1)B  2)B  3)T  4)D  5)F  6)T  7)C  8)D  9)T  10)T

Answers for Quiz 10:
1)F  2)C   3)F   4)T  5)A  6)T  7)E  8)E  9)C  10)E