You might own a Buick if . . .

by Chris Sutton and Pete Westerberg


Your car has more payload capacity then most 1/2 ton pickups.

The only people that you fear racing might be Warren Johnson and John Force.

You can carry a stadium full of people in your race car and still wax a 5 liter Stang.

You know every ECM code by heart because your GN has spit ALL of them at you.

You have at least two of every part for your GN stored in the trunk.

You hire an interior decorator to wallpaper your entire house in turbo 6 emblems.

Your favorite lamp is made from a 455 crankshaft.

You have more GS parts in your living room than furniture.

Your favorite lullaby is a turbo motor at full scream.

Your alarm clock is a 455 at full roar.

You equipped your wife's garbage disposal with a PT-70.

The local police department escorts you to work every morning---just to make sure you make it okay.