by Duane Heckman

Ever run into a problem where it appears that a reproduction carpet set is cut ¼” to ½” short at the kick panels, and is the same amount short along the sill plates? Well I have and I figured out what the problem was.
I was test fitting a carpet set in a 70 Stage 1 coupe when I discovered the above-mentioned problem. The first thing I did was to match up the repro carpet with the original. Everything measured out right, and seemed to be cut correctly, but when test fitted it would come up short. Now I started wondering what the hell was going on and began to really look at both carpets to see what if anything was different. What I noticed was that the jute padding on the original was much thicker then the jute padding on the repro carpet.
Here is what was happening. When I put the repro carpet in, the thinner jute padding was forcing the carpet to “sink” further into the recessed areas then it should. This extra distance down, and then back up to the rocker panels, was in effect pulling the carpet edge in and making it seem like the carpet was cut short. Now I knew what was wrong, the problem was how to fix it.
Here is what I came up with. I pealed the jute padding off the original carpet and placed it on the floor pan, then I put the repro carpet on top and everything lined up perfectly, the added thickness of padding did the trick. I then proceeded to pull everything back out, glue the original padding to the floor and proceed with the carpet installation as usual.
So if you run into a similar problem, try this easy fix.