Buick Oil Pump Wear

Photos by Gary Fanning

Text by George Nenadovich

Here is a nice photo of the Buick oil pump gears and the circular wear pattern on the gears after many miles.

Another good shot of how the gears have worn the oil pump housing. These circular grooves lead to poor oil pump pressure and oil aeration (air bubbles in oil).

A nice closeup of the deep scoring in the cover. Best way to cure this problem is to order a new oil pump housing from Northern Auto Warehouse for $90 for the 350 engines. Sometimes you can use 60 and 220 sandpaper and a flat machined surface or piece of glass to remove the scratches.

New ones are now available for the 455. TA Performance has casted new ones. Call Northern at 1-800-831-0884 for 350 pumps or TA Performance at 602-922-6808 for more info!