E-mail List


by George Nenadovich


1. Members who make bad/rude comments will get a warning. I do not want to moderate the list. We expect all members to act as adults. If not, you will be removed.

2. Please do not add your comments to the person who used bad judgement. This adds up to useless e-mail.

3. Please do not send replies through the list of a personal nature, send them directly to the author.

4. If you think a car on E-bay or some other site is of interest to members, please list the link to the car. We do not need a review from each member on the car.

5. Cars and parts for sale can be placed on the list. You can also e-mail them to George for them to be posted to the web site.

6. Please reference the site before asking questions on the list.

7. When responding to a previous post, please delete the unnecessary info from the previous post. This will reduce download time.

8. Please do NOT send pics through the list. You car(s) can be listed on the web site once you become a member.

9. As our list grows, I hope everyone will follow these simple guidelines and use some common sense to keep the list focused and helpful.

If you have a problem with these guidelines, please contact George and we will discuss them. Thanks for understanding and welcome to the list.