New Reproduction Window Stickers Now Available

by George Nenadovich


Mike Trommetter is now making reproduction window stickers for 1965-73 Buicks. The format, wording of the options and option pricing is copied from original window stickers or GM literature. The reproductions will not have the perforations on the edges. He will only make stickers for cars that match the VIN. He will not make a Skylark into a GS. The stickers are for display only.

If you have an original sticker that is in poor condition or that you want to save, he can make a duplicate copy for you to use for display/shows.


Copy of your original sticker $15 each

Sticker made from your info (build sheet, order form or just a list of options that you supply) $25 each

Additional copies(printed) $5 each

Lamination $4 each


Information Needed:

Copy of your original Build Sheet or Sloan Museum information


A list of options that you have on your car
The VIN and Body ID number
Selling Dealer(choose one if not known)
Body, Interior and Top color (71 and 72 only)
Interior Style (buckets, bench or split bench)


If you have any questions, contact Mike