72 Stage 1

Attached are some pictures of my GS project. I first saw this car sitting in a driveway about 4 blocks from my house back in 1995. After driving past it every day I finally stopped to check it out in march of 1998. I had a brief conversation with the owner and found out he was selling it. He was asking $3,500. I checked the numbers on the car and found it had the original engine and transmission and had the “V” engine code in the VIN indicating it was indeed a stage 1. I offered the owner $1,000 for the car and thanks to his wife, who wanted the car out of the driveway immediately, he accepted the offer. The car was missing some parts and was not running but he had a few parts sitting in his garage including the air cleaner, rallye wheels and a box full of new front end parts. The car has an automatic, bench seat, N-25 exhaust, rallye gauges, rear defroster, map light mirror, a/c and power windows. Color is cortez gold with black vinyl interior. I’m currently doing a frame off restoration in my garage which has proven to be very time consuming. As it sits now the frame and suspension components have been sand blasted and painted and are ready to be assembled. Only 59,829 orig miles.