65 GS & 87 GN

These cars belong to Joe Jagodzinski.


The 65 GS has a 64 425 out of a Riv, stock bore, just freshened the rings, new bearings, ARP rod bolts, Poston oil pump, KB 118 cam, springs, retainers, lifters, Egge Machine stainless valves, TA rockers, heads are ported by local former super stock record holder, Poston headers. Car has rebuilt ST400 switch pitch with KB converter, shift kit. Rear is stock 3.42 posi rear, Hotchkiss upper and lower arms, HD Hotchkiss bars and air bags. Launches quite good with 28 inch tall ET streets on 15 by 8 (5" back space) Wheel Vintique chrome Chevelle wheels (they didn't have Buick style when I got them). Is not as fast as I'd like at 9.5 second 1/8th mile times, but it is very consistent and still beats up on the new Mustangs. I realize that it might go faster with a single 850 carb, but I like the dual four barrels. Car has original radiator with Year One repro shroud and 19" Flexlite fan. Still overheats on extended idle or slow cruise on hot day, may have to go to aluminum radiator or a super water pump or something. Interior is supposedly original except for the driver's seat center I had redone with Year One material. I added the trio of gauges. I also replaced all the door and window seals. I have two sets of wheels and tires (plus the 15's you sold me) - one for stock look and one for muscle look. It needs a new paint job and some new shocks and other odds and ends and it will cruise any where in style. I drive it daily in the summer and on nice winter days. I bought the car in Tarzana, CA 8 years ago and drove it back to SD in February. On the way, I stopped in St George, UT at a gas station next to a salvage yard-curiosity got the better of me and I ended up taking off a rust free 65 Lark driver's side fender-it fit very easily into the trunk of the "mid sized" GS along with the full sized spare and my travel bag and travel tool kit. Can't do that in very many new cars!

The 87 GN has lots of KB "enhancements" but currently needs new stainless headers ($$$$) as the steel ones have gotten "Holy" from short tripping. I haven't driven it for a year because I don't want to send rust fragments through the turbo ($$$$). It ran very low 12's on skinny old slicks at 4400 feet elevation. Will all the parts it has and a good tune on a good track, I think it will go mid 11's. It is my garage queen and takes up space under two car covers. I have all the original parts in boxes!