New GM 8.5" Posi Clutch Packs for 410408/410409 Carriers

by Bruce Ponti




Pictured above are pics of the 8.5 clutch kit. As you can see, there are 8 tabbed, 6 splined along with 12 selective shims, 2 each ranging from .010 to .035 in .005 increments. The prices at the moment are fixed at $199 retail (1 to 4 kits), $159 jobber (minimum order of 5 up to 19 kits), and then $129 wholesale (minimum order 20). There will be a small shipping fee, but NO handling charge. This is a heck of deal considering the GM kits are no longer available and when they were, you didn't get shims. Plus, we have a lot of money tied up in research along with the dies needed to produce these. In all likelihood, there will be no profit made from these on our part until many kits are sold, and even then, it will be nominal. We did this to help ourselves out along with local enthusiasts and hobbyists.

These kits are 100% US made, from the steel to the tooling. We had the metal tested for Rockwell hardness and it specs out the same as the factory. We went with the cross hatch surface pattern (like a Chevy 12 bolt clutch) instead of the fish eye pattern for two reasons; first, the die to stamp the pattern was less costly which keeps the costs of the kits down, and secondly, this pattern offers superior lubrication which will enhance the life of the clutch. We are taking preorders right now. Once payment is received, we should be able to ship the first orders within 3 weeks. If you have any questions, please email.



Please note: These clutches will NOT fit the Eaton style units. They are for the '71-'87 Corporate "S" spring style units only and the '67-'70 Olds Type O 12 bolts (these also "S" spring units). Eaton still manufacturers the clutch disc kits for their Eaton style 2 plate and 4 spring units.