Picture Tips for non-digital cameras:

Gary Fanning uses 100 ASA 35 mm film. For those that might not know, the slower speed films, 100/200, give the best resolution/least grain which is especially important when put on diskette. Also, a fairly small f-stop (large aperture 4.0, 5.6, 8.0 will require a fast shutter speed) should be used to blur the background--helps make the car stand out and reduces distractions in the photo. Try to keep power lines, trees etc from "growing" out of the car. For about $4 extra, you can have your pictures put on a 3.5" disk. Kodak includes the software for viewing the diskettes. Take your pictures when the sun is low in the sky, early morning or evening. Noon might seem better but it is not since you will have too many reflections. If you want the appearance of speed (1/30 or 1/60), have someone drive the car past you and follow the car with the camera, shooting when the car is directly in front of you---FOLLOW THROUGH like shooting trap. The slow shutter will make the background blur from the movement of the camera. Car does not have to be going that fast. Please see "car in motion" photo below.

70 GS Stage 1


70 GS 350 turned 455 Stage 1+.
SF Block 464 CID
Ross Forged
Stage 1 Iron heads 260/190cfm
TA Rollers
Osborne 800 Qjet
Mallory 140 pump
TA 1-7/8" headers
Dr. Gas 'X'
'67 BT400 Switch Pitch w/Tri-shield converter.
3.55 Gear w/TA Aluminum cover
Hurst Roll Control
Hotchkis Adj. Upper Control arms w/mounting braces
Global West Upper 'A' arms Front
2.55/60-15 Front
275/60-15 Rear
1.25" Front Swaybar
12.7:1 '87 Monte Carlo SS Steering Gear
Aluminum Rear Drums
Front Disc
Saddle Brown Interior
Autometer Electric Gauges w/factory tach