70 GSX Stg2 Race Car, 72 Skylark Conv

71 GS455, 73 Stg1 4spd


Here is Fernando Alvare in his 70 GSX Stg2 race car at Bristol in 1999. Car has a Performance Concepts 464 Buick w/Stg2 TA heads. Car runs 10.15 and will break into the 9s soon. More info to come.

Here is Fernando's 72 Skylark conv which he did a full body-off resto. Car is better than new! Car has a 350-4bbl, GS hood, N-25 thru-bmpr exhaust, 200R4 trans, p.seat, ps, pb, aftermarket ac which is totally hidden under the dash, tilt, sport steering wheel, 15" rallyes, 3.08 posi

Fernando's Garage PACKED with Buicks. The first car on the left is a factory Stg1 car w/4spd. Then the 72 conv as mentioned above, then 71 GS455 and finally the 70 GSX racecar.